YG Familiy 2014 World Tour: Power in Japan… real power

fancam cr toYB-518%

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The passion to follow a dream may be the
same with anyone; however, we do not think
our pursuit is better than anyone else’s,
but we also don’t think of it any less. This
is one of the motto’s that we have.

Big Bang - Extraordinary 20’s.

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Seungwhores’ another precious moment lol

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(the stretching part tho, i felt like i was watching something very wrong lmao)

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giant Channie is afraid of Kyungsoo’s little ice fist

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when ftisland pays a surprise visit to aoa’s dorm

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the fan-fiction practically writes itself

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C.A.P. jokes with fans behind L.Joe s back while he speaks ♥

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Changjo teasing L.Joe about his “sexy” dance

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